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Dwipushkar Yoga

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Venus-Saturn-Ketu Conjunction. How to interpret conjunction of 4 or more planets. Basic Zodiac Sign Introduction. Mool Trikona Signs. Ascendant Lord and Ascendant Nakshatra. My views on Aries Ascendant. My views on Taurus Ascendant. My views on Gemini Ascendant. Sun has travelled only 1 Nakshatra Pada.

If we divide it by 12, we get 7. So Sun will be in Libra Navamsa. In this way even without any software you can calculate the Navamsa of any planet. I have made a Video on what is Navamsa chart and its importance. You can listen it for better understanding. Often People ask that How important is Navamsa Chart? Among Various Vargas The importance of Navamsa is universally acclaimed. It is considered to be next to birth chart or equal to birth chart if not more. So you can understand that this divisional Chart is given Special importance.

As we Know that 9th house stands for fortune or Luck, so the 9th Division i. Navamsa will actually indicate about our Luck. Sometime we see a Chart with Exalted Planet or planets in own Sign but that person do not get Anything significant in his life. But again a person with not so fancy placement of planet achieves lot of Status and position in Life. This happens because in the first case though the planet looked very strong in Own sign or in exaltation sign but they are debilitated or in enemy sign in D9 chart.

An exalted Planet when becomes debilitated in D9 or in enemy Sign in Navamsa, it do not give good result. So though the chart looked great from outside but actually the chart was not strong enough to deliver result. Almost all astrologer should use Navamsa and birth chart together to asses strength of Various houses and Planets before giving any prediction.

The analysis of Birth chart or Lagna Chart only gives a gross indication about Various houses and Planets. But for deeper understanding we need to use D9 chart.


It is like Backbone of your Main Natal Chart. We can say that D9 chart is the fruit when Main Birth chart is the Tree. A tree may look very beautiful but the fruit may not be Sweet. But a Tree may Look ugly but its fruit can be very sweet. The D9 chart can be used as a Supplementary of the Natal Chart. If something is Missing or hidden in Lagna Chart or birth chart, it can be found here. Navamsa has wider application on Various areas of Life but it focuses more on 7th house Significance. So while Checking the Marriage prospect you must check D9 Chart.


It helps us to understand what kind of result a Planet will deliver in its Dasha and Bhukti. Jaimini Astrology has also given Veru high importance to the use of D9 chart. The Placement of Atmakaraka Planet in this chart is very important. This Sign is known as Karakamsa Lagna in Jaimini. This Lagna has a wide application in Jaimini Astrology. The Significance of Navamsa has been accepted in Nadi astrology also.

In Chandrakala Nadi various Sutra or combinations has been given about the use of Navamsa. It is also very important Chart for Spiritual Progress and religious Matters. A person who wants to progress in Spiritual path should have a Strong indication in his D9 Chart.

Pushkar Yoga or Dosha/ Dwipushkar Yoga/ Tripushkar Yoga/ Muhurat

The Ishta Devata whom a person should worship for Religious enlightenment is derived with the help of D9 chart. The Placement of Atmakaraka Planet in this Chart will tell you about this. You can read our discussion about Atmakaraka Planet and Ishta Devata. There is a very wrong conception among Some People that this chart activates after Marriage.

But it is completely Wrong. Last Updated on November 9, Pushkar navamsa and Pushkar bhaga are one of the topics which are not covered much anywhere. Whereas in nadi classics like Devakeralam and by authors like Vidya Madhav, it is used quite frequently. In modern astrological era only late C. S Patel has given some information on them. Here I will try to highlight on them as best of my ability.

Pushkar navamsha are auspicious navamsa ruled only by benefic planets and when planets placed there behaves in auspicious manner. It is a particular navamsa in a sign where planets behaves in auspicious manner. You can see that all 24 Pushkar Navamsha belongs to Benefic planets only where Taurus and Pisces hold the maximum 6 each.

Pisces is last sign in natural zodiac scheme whereas Tauras is the second sign in natural zodiac scheme and both these signs are adjacent to ascendant.

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This is my guess on why these two signs hold the half of the Pushkar Navamsha. Whereas Pushkar bhaga is exact degrees in zodiacs which are as follows:. You can easily feel that use of Pushkar Navamsha is more convenient in predictions then Pushkar Bhaga because of birth time error factor. There is verse in texts which have given high regards to Pushkar Navamsha.